Software done right


We’re on a mission to bring big enterprise advertising tools to the dental world

Software Over Service

While most companies use humans for all aspects of digital advertising we’ve focused on developing software to do it instead. Software is much more efficient in optimization, has a freakishly impressive memory, and works 24/7. It also costs much less to keep it alive and happy.

Service Over Software

What the WHAT? Did we just contradict ourselves? Yes, we sure did. As good as software is at optimization and computation, it sucks in design, customer service, and humans are much more creative. So when it comes to ad design or responding to our clients, our awesome humans get it done.

AI Power

With AI technology we have powerful tools to reach patients when they’re about to make their dental related decisions. Our software increases the chance of identifying these crucial moments and deploys the ads accordingly.


When a potential patient is identified it’s crucial to show them why your clinic is the provider they should choose. Depending on their inquiry we design specific landing pages with a clear objective.

Reduced Ad Spend

Ad auctions are not like traditional auctions, the highest bidder does NOT always win. There are many other factors that contribute to ad placement. Our tools make it possible to perform better despite spending less on ads.

Dedicated Account Manager

All our plans include a dedicated account manager that will be your partner for the ride. All you need to do is give them a call or send an email and the technical jargon will be handled by your AM.

System Task

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